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As Digital Marketers ourselves, we are proud advocates of the benefits of Digital Marketing.

It’s also no question that Digital Marketing has been able to crack many of the problems that Traditional Advertisements (like flyers, classifieds, portals) has been unable to address (think,  monitoring of results, maximising reach etc.)

However, with great power comes great responsibility and …even sometimes a little disappointment.

And because we want to tell you the truth, we’re here to lay down the Good and the Bad sides of Lead Generation through Digital Marketing

Here’s The Good Part

In our previous article, we talked about how PushAds was designed as an easy-to-use Digital Marketing tool to help property agents not only get online, but ultimately get more leads by having their ads seen everywhere (online).

With Digital Marketing, you’re able to cast your net so much further and wider, reaching tens of thousands of people online. When you combine an attractive listing with Animated Ads, Marketing Hooks and the right targeting options, you’ll have an effective digital marketing campaign teeming with leads – which is exactly why today, PushAds is recognised as an effective tool for Lead Generation.

OrangeTee Agent, Roy Choo had this to say after using PushAds:

We’ve seen Agents reap wonderful results from Digital Marketing. There have been multiple instances where Agents have successfully obtained tens of leads in one campaign, with some converted into a sale.

Well, in general, Real Estate is a numbers game and Digital Marketing is the only way to reach tens of thousands of relevant people in a short period.

We are also proud to say that PushAds has helped Agents generate a total of 780 leads with mobile numbers in the last quarter.

What about The Bad?

By reaching tens of thousands of people, Digital Marketing maximises your exposure and significantly boosts your chance of generating leads online but it is also vulnerable to low quality leads or even worse yet, fake leads.

When 10,000 people sees your Ad, yes, you’re gonna get more leads than traditional marketing can ever reap you, but you may also get some bad leads. That’s the beauty and the trade off of digital marketing,” quips the Digital Marketing Consulting team at DREA

Why are we being so upfront about the limitations of Digital Marketing? Because in order to learn and leverage on digital marketing, we need to be aware of both sides of the story

The question is then, when are you truly better off? Are we better off getting 1 to 2 leads or are we better off as a whole, when we are getting 10 leads of which 5 may be good and 5 may be of low quality, or even worse fake or spam leads.

Here’s a feedback we got from one of our Agents who found his leads to be of lower quality:

In the past 2 + months, we have generated over 750+ phone numbers for our agents. Some leads have been converted into sales (Thanks Andrew and others for sharing with us), some haven’t.

The thing about Digital Marketing is, you’re going to have More Leads, More Verified Leads, and also More bad leads  as a whole.

Now that you’ve heard both sides of the story (from those who converted PushAds leads into sales, to those who haven’t), is digital marketing for you?


If yes, get in touch with our Digital Marketing Consulting Team. We want to hear from you!

Today, DREA’s PushAds system introduces one of the shortest conversion funnel in the market. It is also the easiest tool out there for creating property listing advertisements on Facebook, Instagram,  Google and 200+ websites.

As a tool, it is designed to help property agents get more leads by having your ads seen everywhere (i.e. maximum online exposure) and by having a strong “Call-to-Action”. PushAds therefore leverages heavily on Lead Ads which are designed to help capture leads and their contact details, in just one click.  

When used in combination with the ability to reach tens of thousands of people and Animated Ads (read more here), this can be an effective tool to convert viewers into leads. However, like every other property portal, marketing tool out there or even when property agents were to do their own Lead Generation Ads – there is a risk of others submitting fake or wrong contact details a.k.a. fake leads

Property agents marketing the same property, may accidentally or deliberately click on other agents advertisements. Sometimes, genuine leads may accidentally provide the wrong contact information. Whether it is the the case of “click fraud”, “lead fraud” or just a simple mistake of providing the wrong information, following up and calling a “fake lead” is a waste of time for property agents.

Here’s an example of an actual case we experienced:

We know that fake leads are a real concern. What do we do about it?

More than a  week ago, we built in an enhanced Lead Verification system as part of PushAds to filter out and eradicate “fake leads”. So yes, you’re getting less leads, but also higher quality leads.

How does it work?

#1) First, we automatically ensure your Ads are shown to the most relevant target audience. That means excluding your competitors whenever possible. We do this by using retargeting pixels and custom audience exclusion for ~17,000 known agents. (Though of course some agents will want to show their ads to other agents for co-broking purposes)

Lead Verification

#2) Second, each time someone submits his/her name and mobile number to PushAds, our system automatically does a number of checks:

  • It checks the  phone number provided against a database of Agents phone numbers (~17,000)
  • It checks the country code and structure of the phone number provided
  • It checks the name provided
  • It checks the IP address and a unique device id

Put simply, PushAds does a first level filtering of spam and fake leads.

#3) If the phone number, name, IP address and device id passes the first check, PushAds automatically sends a follow-up SMS to the Lead. This SMS will include information on the Listing and a clickable link for them to either download a Report, a VIP Pass or an Excel Analysis on the project or to verify their phone number. This allows us to verify the phone number and more importantly, help property agents identify the highest quality leads.

So by implementing a 2 phase verification system, we actively weed out suspicious and low quality leads. Yes, this means less leads, but also higher quality and genuine leads.

Hi there,

My name is Yuet and I am the Founder of

The past 1 year has been extremely fulfilling having been able to speak to so many of you during our training sessions and agency visits. I am grateful that many of you have been both open and honest in sharing with us the problems and concerns you faced.

Here are the three key problems you shared with us.

#1 Getting more exposure online, and getting leads from it

Today, many of the top agents are already doing Digital Marketing – ala Online Advertising or better known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) on Facebook and Google – to gain exposure online. It is a pretty effective way to know your listings will be seen, not just on property portals, but all over the internet.

But it’s not easy. Doing Digital Marketing or PPC Advertising well – in a way that actually generates leads and not just clicks, is both time consuming and challenging. Those who have done it well have gotten great results with multiple leads per day. Others have had painful experiences spending close to S$1,000 in one weekend with no leads.

So, first we had to ensure our solution worked for everyone and not just the digitally savvy. To do this, we worked with both Google and Facebook to build PushAds.

PushAds is a simple 4 step tool that lets you market your listings online. It lets you choose who you want to target, and those people will start seeing your listings everywhere, be it on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Straits Times, Zaobao or the 200+ sites that we put your listings on. Yes, it’s easy to use. But more importantly it needs to generate leads for you.

So, we have learnt from Top Producers and invested even more time to test and refine different marketing hooks – things like VIP passes, Excel Spreadsheets, Reports and more. After 100’s of tests, we have finally fine-tuned PushAds to be able to effectively generate leads by automating the inclusion of marketing hooks, dynamic caption and by enhancing our ability to target those who are most likely to convert into leads.

#2 Still using flyers which are expensive and ineffective to target Sellers and Landlords…

To the agent who spent half a day sharing with us his pain point with flyers, thank you.

We know that one of the challenges you face today is in getting listings and building up a pipeline of (hopefully exclusive) listings to sell and rent out.

It sets you back $500 – $1000 to print these flyers and to mail them to each letter box. The payoff is big when you do score an exclusive, however with so many flyers being sent by different agents, it is hard to stand out and see results.

This time, we created ListGen.

ListGen is a tool that focuses exclusively on helping you connect with homeowners who are looking to sell and rent.  We use DREA’s analytics to offer homeowners easy to understand and valuable information about their unit.  This lets us identify the homeowners who are actively looking to sell or rent. ListGen then connects these homeowners to you.

#3 It takes too much time to post listings on multiple portals. Also, it’s a pain.

You have asked us this question multiple times. Can you help me port my listings? Why can’t listings be automatically ported onto all the different portals I use?

We agree and have taken a bold move in this area. DREA is currently in discussion with various sites to make sure the listings you post on our page gets immediately pumped out to multiple relevant sites and portals. Each of these sites will have significant visitors not just in Singapore, but in other markets too.

But to get there, we will need your support and your weight so we can convince other sites to make a move in the right direction – so that you only need to post your listings once, for your listings to be ported to all other property and property related sites, across the internet.

# We want to do more..

The team and I see all the comments you have given us as a real opportunity to do more and get it right. And while it will take even more feedback and iteration to perfect it for all of you – with the support and response you have given us, we are confident we will be able to get there.


“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no results”

Sincerely yours,
Yuet and the DREA Team