Getting Started

  • How can I register for a DREA Account?
    • If you are a real estate agent, you can easily register for an account through or download our DREA Agent App on App Store or Play Store
  • Where can I register for DREA Training Sessions
    • You can reach out to us via email at or get in touch with one of our colleagues at +6598184650
  • How to download the DREA Agent App?
    • You can download DREA Agent App either in Google Play for Android users or App Store for iOS users.
  • Can I access DREA from my laptop?
    • You can access DREA by simply going to our web dashboard which is accessible at
  • Can I have the app on multiple devices?
    • Definitely, DREA can be accessed on multiple devices including your mobile, desktop and tablet.
  • How do I change my profile photo?
    • Access your DREA Agent App
    • On the upper left corner of your screen, click on the Change Profile Photo and it will instantly direct you to your gallery.
  • How do I change my contact details?
    • You can change your contact details on the Settings option located on the upper right corner.
  • How do I reset my password?
    • If you are already logged in, simply click on Settings on your Agent Home Page and click on Change Password
    • If you are not logged into your account, simply click on Forget Password on or on your DREA Agent App
    • An email will be sent to you with a new password
    • Once you are logged in, you can then easily change your password by clicking on Settings on your Agent Homepage and clicking on Change Password

Adding / Editing a Listing

  • How to add listings?
    • First, log in to the DREA Agent App
    • Once you are logged in, look out for a (+) Listings button on the main Agent Homepage. Click on the button and complete the form with the necessary information
  • How to add photos to my listings?
    • Click on your DREA Agent Home Page
    • Identify the listing you would like to add photos to. You may need to click on the All Listings button if you do not see your listing
    • Click on the edit button
    • Once in edit mode, look for the icon “Add Images” on the top left corner
    • Simply upload as many photos as you would like
    • Remember to click Save, when you are done
  • Will DREA import my listings for me?
    • Yes, to instruct DREA to import your listings over, simply click on the “Refresh Listings” button at the bottom of the App
    • You can then indicate the site for which you would like us to import your listings from
  • Can I use DREA for all types of listings?
    • As of the moment, DREA focuses on the following types of properties: Condos, ECs, Townhouses and Landed Property. But do look out for our updates as we are constantly introducing new features!


  • What is PushAds?
    • PushAds is a simple 4 Steps, 60 Seconds tool to help Real Estate Agents like yourself market their services and listings on platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram and 200+ High Quality Sites in just One Simple App.
  • Why PushAds?
    • PushAds is the easiest way for you to reach a large yet targeted group of audience online via platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram and Other Sites. Maximise exposure and improve your probability of generating leads online with one simple to use solution.
  • How do I use PushAds?
    • If you are an existing subscriber, here’s a video to guide you through your first PushAds: Click On Link Here
    • If you do not see the PushAds icon (P) on your DREA Agent App, get in touch with us at or at 6598184650 to enable your access to PushAds right away
  • Can I Customize my PushAds?
    • All PushAds are designed to be easy to use
    • That means, a default ad has been created for your based on your listing and branding. However, all parts of PushAds can be customized including the cover image, copywriting and even the marketing hooks
  • Why is there a minimum budget required for my PushAds?
    • Each of DREA’s PushAds are designed to run for a minimum of 5 days
    • To ensure you reach sufficient people and a sufficiently broad group of audience, we need to ensure you have sufficient budget on a daily basis (over the 5 days) for your ads to achieve sufficient breadth of reach
    • Don’t worry, your budget will only be deducted when someone clicks on your Ad because everything in Digital Marketing is on a Pay-Per-Click basis
  • What if my budget set is higher than the minimum budget?
    • If your budget is higher than the minimum budget, your Ads will run for longer than the minimum of 5 days but no longer than 30 days to prevent ad fatigue
    • The minimum daily budget for Facebook and Google is $15 whereas the minimum daily budget for Instagram is $5 and $10 on Other Sites respectively. To compute the duration of your campaign, take the budget set divided by the minimum daily budget.
  • Can I market my own website?
    • Absolutely! Simply click on PushAds (P) icon on your DREA Agent App
    • Instead of selecting a listing to market, enter in your website URL and proceed with PushAds
    • Please note that this feature is only available for Project Specific Websites (e.g. websites for the purpose of marketing a specific property or new launch)
  • How to Pause or Delete my PushAds?
    • Here’s a short video to guide you through how you can Pause or Delete your PushAd anytime: Watch Tutorial Here
    • To Delete your PushAd, please ensure you first Pause your PushAd before attempting to delete it
  • What is the landing page for my PushAds?
    • If you are marketing a specific listing on DREA, the landing page for your PushAds will be the specific listing page on DREA’s Portal
    • If you are marketing a specific website, the landing page for your PushAds will be the website you selected
  • How do I access a specific listing’s landing page on DREA’s portal?
    • Click on your DREA Agent Home Page
    • Identify the listing you would like to view
    • Click on the edit button
    • You will find a “Listing Page” button on the corner right
  • Why do I get charged each time someone clicks on my PushAd?
    • Everything in Digital Marketing works on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model. This is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visitors to your site or your ad to gain more exposure and leads
    • Each of the platforms, Facebook, Google, Instagram and Other Sites operates on a Pay-Per-Click model
    • That means, each time someone clicks on your Ad and visits your listing or website, you will have to pay the platform (Facebook, Google, Instagram or Other Sites) a small fee
    • DREA does not take nor include a mark-up on the fee paid to Facebook, Google, Instagram or on any Other Sites
  • What are the 20% fees for in Step 4 of PushAds?
    • Those fees refer to DREA’s PushAds fees and are the service fees to DREA for the purpose of creating, optimizing and delivering the ads. Once the ads are running, DREA will also support the advertiser with a lead verification process to filter out low quality leads and automate a SMS response on behalf of you to help nurture a relationship between you and the lead instantly
  • How do I top up PushAds?
    • Click on the PushAds (P) icon
    • Identify the PushAds you would like to top up for
    • Right next to the name of the PushAds, you will find a sub-menu icon (comprising 3 blue dots). Click on it to Top Up
  • Can I edit my ads after my ads are active?
    • To edit your ads, first pause the Ad and Consult our DREA Customer Success Team at to guide you through editing the ads

Monitoring the Performance of my PushAds

  • How do I monitor the performance of my PushAds?
    • First, click on the PushAds icon (P) on the DREA Agent App
    • This will bring you to a Dashboard where you will be able to monitor the performance of your present and past PushAds ran
    • Click on the name of each PushAds (i.e. the name of the Property or your Website) which is highlighted in blue
    • You will be able to monitor the Reach, Clicks, Leads, Spend for the particular PushAds including a breakdown of it for each and every platform selected


  • How do I retrieve my past Leads?
    • Click on the Menu bar (in blue) on your DREA Agent App
    • The Menu bar can be found on the bottom of the App and Click on Leads
    • You will be able to find a list of all your past Leads
  • What do the 3 blue bubbles indicate in DREA’s Lead Database?
    • The 3 blue bubbles represent the status and interest level of your Leads
    • The first blue bubble will light up when a Lead is Generated
    • The second blue bubble will light up when the Lead passes through DREA’s Lead Verification System. An Auto Follow-Up SMS is also sent to the Lead at this stage
    • The third blue bubble will light up when the Lead engages with the Follow-Up SMS sent. This indicates that the phone number is authentic, verified and is likely to be engaged with the Ad.
  • When should I get in touch with a Lead?
    • It’s your call however, we do not recommend getting in touch with Leads that have not passed our Lead Verification System (1 blue bubble)
    • For Leads that have passed our Lead Verification System (2 blue bubbles) you may consider allowing sufficient time for your Leads to engage with the Auto Follow-Up SMS before reaching out to them. Leads may take 30 mins to 1 day to respond to SMS
    • If the Lead does not engage with the SMS, we recommend reaching out with the Lead with DREA’s pre-created follow-up message
  • How should I follow up with a Lead?
    • You may follow up with a Lead using DREA’s pre-created follow-up message
    • To access DREA’s pre-created follow up message, click on the email you received from DREA notifying you of a New Lead. The email header is likely to be Lead Pending Verification or New Lead Verified
    • You will find a pre-created SMS or Whatsapp message within the email
    • Send / Edit this message in just one-click

FAQ: What are PushAds? How are they different from listings?

Just like any other property portal, when you add a listing on, your listings will appear on DREA’s website.  Users can search for homes on and they will naturally find your listings.

What are PushAds?

PushAds is a tool created by DREA to help Agents, like yourself, do more than just post listings on property portals.

PushAds lets you boost your listings to reach the people you want to target (e.g. all the 2 bedroom buyers in Novena) whenever they are online. They will start seeing your listings when they are on Facebook, Instagram, when they search for similar homes on Google or when they are reading news online or shopping online.

PushAds helps you reach tens of thousands of people online on over 200+ different high quality websites.

When you add a listing, it appears on’s website. When you boost your listing with PushAds, it appears on’s website and it travels everywhere to all the right people online.


FAQ: Adding Listings on DREA

Are you a DREA Registered Agent? If yes, here’s how you can add your Property Listings on DREA’s Agent Dashboard. You can add as many For Sale / For Rent listings on DREA’s Dashboard at no cost.
Step 1:
Login to your Agent Dashboard here .
Or, access your Agent Dashboard through your DREA Agent App (available on both App Store and Play Store)