FAQ: What are PushAds? How are they different from listings?

Just like any other property portal, when you add a listing on DREA.sg, your listings will appear on DREA’s website.  Users can search for homes on DREA.sg and they will naturally find your listings.

What are PushAds?

PushAds is a tool created by DREA to help Agents, like yourself, do more than just post listings on property portals.

PushAds lets you boost your listings to reach the people you want to target (e.g. all the 2 bedroom buyers in Novena) whenever they are online. They will start seeing your listings when they are on Facebook, Instagram, when they search for similar homes on Google or when they are reading news online or shopping online.

PushAds helps you reach tens of thousands of people online on over 200+ different high quality websites.

When you add a listing, it appears on DREA.sg’s website. When you boost your listing with PushAds, it appears on DREA.sg’s website and it travels everywhere to all the right people online.



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