At DREA, we know many of you would like to use PushAds more creatively and make your ad stand out from your competition.

To help all our marketers market out of the box, DREA has expanded its image library to allow you to tap on hundreds of lifestyle, landmarks and facilities images.

So gone are the worries of boring your audiences with similar-looking property images!

But not too sure how to use them just yet?

Here are some great examples of how you can use lifestyle, landmarks or facilities images to drive effective PushAds that stand out from the rest.


Agent Ad Example 1 – Family Angle 

Agent Ad Example 2 – Couple Angle 

Agent Ad Example 3 – Friends Angle 

Agent Ad Example 4 – Landmark Angle 

Agent Ad Example 5 – Facilities Angle


Another great way to create engaging ads is to feature your previous buyers ‘testimonials.  Example: ‘[Reposted from Jason Tan]’.

What you realize is by including a buyer’s testimonial; it adds a layer of authenticity and relatability!

These examples show how you can use the same images – pair them with buyer testimonials or a combination of angles instead.

Testimonial Ads Examples

  • Family Angle


Get started now!

Hi everyone,

We know that the world of digital marketing is constantly changing. And to get results, you need to invest time and effort in getting the right picture, the right copywriting and even choosing the right target audience.

“I never know if I got the campaign settings right, or if there are other things I should be choosing”

Well, even as marketers, we agree it can be challenging.

So, to help you navigate that, our DREA Marketers have analysed the tens of thousands of marketing campaigns we have run and put together a Super-Simple Guideline to help you design the right campaign for your property.

Anytime you are not sure about your campaign, we hope you will be able to come back to this document for tips, ideas, suggestions:


Reach out to our DREA Marketers at for tips on how to make your ads successful!

As salespeople, we need to not only master the ways around a Sales Agreement or the Property Market, but we need to be expert communicators as well. It takes a lot of work to generate leads and turn them into qualified prospects. It’s harder still to convert them into clients or customers and unfortunately, many of us tend to give up too early in the sales cycle.

Some interesting statistics indicate that ~50% of salespeople tend to give up after one follow up. If you knew you would be able to turn them into qualified leads after 2 – 5 follow ups, would you do it?

The trouble most people face is that they forget the following 5 Sales Communication tips.

Reach out within 12 to 24 hours

People want to get their questions answered and answered fast. Research shows that the sooner you call, the higher your chance is of converting them. Also, remember to schedule a follow-up call. Most people won’t “bite” on the first contact, so gently request for an opportunity to follow up, whether it is for more information or to personally touch base.

Know your Client’s needs

“Cold calling” is already a thing of the past. With numerous ways to access information about a prospective client thanks to Social Networks and Digital Platforms, a Salesperson can tailor their approach to each client. Pay attention to what they are saying, tailor your pitch to them and keep track of what your prospects tell you, in a CRM system or even a spreadsheet.

Qualify your Leads

Prioritize your leads so you don’t waste time on people who may not have the motivation, means and permission to buy. In some cases, a lead may be interested but isn’t ready to move or buy at this time. In that case, put that prospect into your long-term follow up. Touch base with them periodically through combination of email and phone but not so often that it becomes frustrating for them.

Use a Simple CRM System

If you are not already using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, you are missing out on an essential tool that will help make your day easier. CRM systems allow you to record your contact’s information and track results of your conversation with them. Some CRM systems are also powerful enough to help you automate Tip #3 (above) and keep track of it. For salespersons that are always on the move, opt to use a Mobile CRM system instead.


In some cases, your potential clients will not be ready to buy, but might know someone who is. When you have built a good relationship with your potential clients, chances are they will be very happy to pass you some of their contacts and will remember your name when the time comes for them to buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals!

Above all, you will need to take these strategies and make it your own. Find out your angle, story, and strategy and then make it work. More importantly, be yourself.

There are 4 things that affect the performance of your Online Ads – you’ll need a great image, adequate budget to reach consumers, the right targeting options, and most importantly an attractive description for your Ad.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on why Copywriting your Real Estate Ad is extremely important.

We’ll also be sharing some samples and strategies on how to write effective and compelling copies that actually lead to a higher conversion rate!

It’s all in the numbers

Research shows that Agents have a better chance of closing transactions when their Ads have Engaging and Unique Copywriting.

Interestingly, 60% of people avoid doing business with people or companies with bad copywriting or spelling mistakes in Ads.

And did you know, that 80% of people only read the Header of the Ads?

Which is why Copywriting your Ads is crucial in helping your Real Estate Ads stand out online.

An effective ad copy can also influence and persuade your audience to click on your Ad to find out more. Even better when they leave their contact details and become a lead which you can convert!

So what do you need to create an attractive description for your Real Estate Ad?

  1. Your Ad should have a Catchy Headline

    Besides the image, the Headline of your Ad is the first thing a consumer will take notice off.

    Making sure that the headline creates curiosity and excitement is essential in capturing the attention of your audience.The above images highlights just how you can create a compelling headline copies.

  2. Highlight the Selling Points of the Property

    There will always be a primary feature about a property that one can highlight in their Ad copy. If the property you’re marketing is located on a High Floor, you could indicate that there are Unblocked Views. Or maybe it’s a spacious unit, where you could highlight the floor size. Perhaps the property comes with branded finishings?

    Quite like selling the property to your prospect, whenever you’re at a viewing , you may use and incorporate those same descriptions into your Real Estate Ad!

    Here are some sample sentences that you can include into your Ad to highlight the key selling points of your property.

  3. Include a Call-to-Action

    What is a call-to-action?By definition, in marketing, a call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, such as “call now,” “find out more,” or “schedule a viewing today!”

    Including a Call to Action essentially directs consumers to take action, capture the leads information and improve conversion rates.
    Here are the most common calls-to-action that you can use and probably have clicked on yourself!

      • Sign Up Now
      • Download
      • Find Out More
      • Buy Now
      • Register Now
      • Learn More

    Download DREA’s Copywriting Template, specially designed for Real Estate.

Today, DREA’s PushAds system introduces one of the shortest conversion funnel in the market. It is also the easiest tool out there for creating property listing advertisements on Facebook, Instagram,  Google and 200+ websites.

As a tool, it is designed to help property agents get more leads by having your ads seen everywhere (i.e. maximum online exposure) and by having a strong “Call-to-Action”. PushAds therefore leverages heavily on Lead Ads which are designed to help capture leads and their contact details, in just one click.  

When used in combination with the ability to reach tens of thousands of people and Animated Ads (read more here), this can be an effective tool to convert viewers into leads. However, like every other property portal, marketing tool out there or even when property agents were to do their own Lead Generation Ads – there is a risk of others submitting fake or wrong contact details a.k.a. fake leads

Property agents marketing the same property, may accidentally or deliberately click on other agents advertisements. Sometimes, genuine leads may accidentally provide the wrong contact information. Whether it is the the case of “click fraud”, “lead fraud” or just a simple mistake of providing the wrong information, following up and calling a “fake lead” is a waste of time for property agents.

Here’s an example of an actual case we experienced:

We know that fake leads are a real concern. What do we do about it?

More than a  week ago, we built in an enhanced Lead Verification system as part of PushAds to filter out and eradicate “fake leads”. So yes, you’re getting less leads, but also higher quality leads.

How does it work?

#1) First, we automatically ensure your Ads are shown to the most relevant target audience. That means excluding your competitors whenever possible. We do this by using retargeting pixels and custom audience exclusion for ~17,000 known agents. (Though of course some agents will want to show their ads to other agents for co-broking purposes)

Lead Verification

#2) Second, each time someone submits his/her name and mobile number to PushAds, our system automatically does a number of checks:

  • It checks the  phone number provided against a database of Agents phone numbers (~17,000)
  • It checks the country code and structure of the phone number provided
  • It checks the name provided
  • It checks the IP address and a unique device id

Put simply, PushAds does a first level filtering of spam and fake leads.

#3) If the phone number, name, IP address and device id passes the first check, PushAds automatically sends a follow-up SMS to the Lead. This SMS will include information on the Listing and a clickable link for them to either download a Report, a VIP Pass or an Excel Analysis on the project or to verify their phone number. This allows us to verify the phone number and more importantly, help property agents identify the highest quality leads.

So by implementing a 2 phase verification system, we actively weed out suspicious and low quality leads. Yes, this means less leads, but also higher quality and genuine leads.

Here’s the truth. We psychologically filter out Ads on websites these days. We know this because ever since we launched PushAds in November, we have been tracking PushAds’ click-thru-rates (“CTR”) for Ads running on 200+ curated sites via the Google Display Network.

The reason why CTR for Display Ads tend to be low even when listing Ads are beautifully designed, is because (i) most Ads are “flat” and they blend in with page content which is also “flat”. At the same time, (ii) most Ads are static because it takes quite a while (and professional help) to create nice HTML5 animated Ads.

If you are planning to do a Display Advertising campaign via the Google Display Network, here are some tips:

  1. Download Google Web Designer and created animated HTML5 Ads – It takes about 30mins to 1 hour
  2. Include a “3D” element if possible – This will allow your ad to visually break away from site content which are usually rather flat
  3. If possible, use different colour schemes for different placement sites, so that your ads contrast and stand out

We would also like to take the opportunity to announce that as of last week, we have introduced animated HTML5 PushAds. This means that when you push listing ad onto sites such as Straits Times, Channels News Asia and 200+ other curated sites, your Ads will automatically be animated, 3D and include marketing hooks (if you choose to do so).

We have automated the creation of animated HTML5 Ads because it is indeed a time consuming process! Going forward, you no longer have to worry about ineffective display ads or having to spend hours learning how to create animated Ads.

PushAds does it for you!

HTML5 PushAds
PushAds now support HTML5 animated Ads. Infact, the PushAds app creates visually engaging and animated Ads for you in a matter of seconds.

For this top real estate salesperson and team leader, being successful has a lot to do with being relevant. Perry Siow shares with us how he got started with digital marketing and how he landed 7 closes online.

Q: How were you introduced to digital marketing?

From the onset, I knew that I had to be where the audience is. The first step to becoming a successful real estate agent is to understand who your target audience is. Singapore’s current property market is mostly made up of buyers from the Gen X and Gen Y group. Sooner or later, the Gen Z group will also come of age, and they too will be part of the target audience. These are the generations that live online and are also the ones actively looking to buy a home.

Q: What were some of the first steps you took to educate yourself about digital marketing?

I started to take digital marketing seriously back in 2001. I spent $7,000 on a digital marketing course that included eBay marketing, e-commerce and internet marketing. From then on, I also built my own website to market a project, and started leveraging on Google’s Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. It was also then that I really started to learn and realize how effective digital marketing would be for me, in terms of lead generation. Naturally, I progressed into Facebook, and of course recently, tried DREA’s PushAds real-estate digital marketing solution.

Q: Could you name us some projects where using digital marketing helped you generate lead conversions?

The first project that I marketed online was for a condominium called Citylife and it was this very project that I scored my first online lead! It was through my second project, SkyPark, where I successfully obtained 7 conversions out of 50 leads by having a strong online presence on platforms like Google. It was also then that I realized how important it was to do digital marketing and to do it well. I’ve been active with digital marketing ever since

Q: That’s impressive! Since you have had much success with digital marketing, do you still engage traditional media, ie. Flyers and roadshows, for your advertising needs?

Majority of my marketing budget is allocated for digital, but engaging in traditional advertising may still be relevant. I don’t want to neglect prospects of other age groups who I may be able to reach offline. As a real estate agent, opportunity is everywhere. And to me, the most effective lead generation approach is through a combination of strong online presence and offline presence.

In particular, being online has really helped me build a strong personal brand and establish a reputation and identity online, and through that I have been able to nurture new professional and equally personal relationships.

Q: What are some of the concerns you foresee with the emergence of Digital Marketing?

Many agents are more comfortable with what they already know. On top of it, in the past, it would have been difficult for many of them to be able to do this on their own, even if they invested time and money in training courses. Their main concerns would likely be if Digital Marketing works and in the past, before PushAds, if they are able to learn how to do it on their own.

Q: That’s great! Any tips for agents who may want to start but are skeptical to give digital marketing a go?

It’s important to understand that digital marketing is not a silver bullet solution. Many give up after trying once, or some even before trying. But there is so much to gain from going online. It allows you to reach tens of thousands of relevant people online and create a personal brand at the same time.

Of course, with digital, you may wonder if people are seeing your ads, if the right people are seeing it or even if people are reading your emails. The first step forward is recognizing that people are seeing your ads and that they would read your email, even if they don’t necessarily reply you right away. You should also focus on improving your ability to nurture any prospective leads into an actual lead.

The other great thing about digital marketing is that you’re able to really see how your money is being spent. With digital, I can actually track the Return-On-Investment (“ROI”) I am getting on digital versus traditional channels.

The bottom line is, being relevant is no longer a good to have for me. It is a must-have to stay ahead of the game and to generate leads online.


Perry Siow is tech-savvy real estate salesperson, team leader and an Associate District Director of Pte Ltd. He brings with him more than a decade of experience and insights in the Real Estate industry and is actively involved in training, mentoring and grooming upcoming real estate agents. You can connect with him at his website

A visitor or prospect has finally discovered your listing, either through one of your PushAds online or by stumbling upon it organically.

Either way, the prospect is now on your listing, and is deciding whether or not he / she wants to contact you. This is the pivotal moment where you either capture the visitor as a lead, or not…

Let’s take a look at how you can at that very important moment, capture the visitor and turn him into a Lead. Here are the 6 components you need to have:

#1 Call-to-Action

A call-to-action button is a button, or message that calls for your prospect to take some sort of action. This could be a call button, a SMS button or an email button. They can even be a button leading to a form hosted on your landing page to collect the user’s personal information. Without a CTA button, you’re collecting clicks without any actual contact details to follow up on = bad investment

DREA’s PushAds lets your prospect get in touch with you via call, SMS or email in just ONE click

#2 Hooks

A hook is the content or something of value that’s being offered for free on your landing page. The hook must have enough value to a visitor or prospect to merit them leaving their personal information behind to access it. For example, you could throw in a highly detailed report on the project and the area around it, or an Excel Spreadsheet containing all the raw data for the project… or even a VIP Tour to the Showflat

Here, DREA automatically includes hooks (think reports, Excel Spreadsheets and VIP passes) in your Ad which makes it 9x more effective in converting leads). Drop us an email to receive sample hooks for your Ad

#3 Optimised Landing Page

A landing page is designed for one core purpose – to capture leads. There are several ways of capturing leads including CTA buttons, and hooks. But once a prospect leaves a page, how do you recapture them? For starters, you need to make it extremely simple for a prospect to come back to your listing – that means being able to go back to the listing in no more than 3 steps.

Just the way we said it, your prospect can easily save the listing or send it to himself in just 1 click

#4 Stand out

Again, you need to make the offer on the table stand out. That means making your property listing appear even more attractive than it already is. You need to help your prospect realize why this home is a great deal for him / her.  Explore every selling point the home has and make it prominent.

DREA’s PushAds helps you review your listing and highlight the key selling points of the unit by automatically awarding prominently displayed Badges. These badges are awarded based on the most attractive feature of the home, be it a “Good-Value-for-money” badge, “Rental-Yield” badge , Connectivity or over 10 different badges. Set up a call with DREA at +65 66129178 to find out the selling point for your listing

#5 Every lead is valuable

Capture every visitor you can. And then focus on getting them to share their budget and contact details. That way, you can pre-qualify your leads and recommend the right home for them instantly. Maybe its this listing, maybe its another…

We’ve build in an option for a prospect to name his / her budget and leave their contact details behind in just 1 click. So you’re capturing every visitor that lands on your listing!

#6 Just keep improving

Not getting any leads and not sure what you’re doing right, or wrong. Start by implementing ways to get active feedback from your visitors so you know what you need to improve on to make your listing stand out.

DREA’s PushAds system builds in a feedback system to find out why your prospects are not converting (if this does happen at all..) so you’re not shooting in the dark

Now, put all 6 components together and you just created a highly effective way to start generating leads online and to capture even the most unlikely of leads. If this takes too much time and you have no clue where to start, there are tools out there like DREA’s PushAds system that helps you generate leads online effectively

Get in touch with Gurpreet from DREA Team at (+65 66129178) and set up a no-strings attached call on how you can start building leads online too


Today, email is fast becoming the preferred mode of communication among prospects.

However, we know that contacting a prospect through e-mail can be a little scary. Especially if it’s your first time attempting to do so. What if I don’t get a reply?

We also get that copywriting can be both challenging and time consuming.  So how do you draft an e-mail that will get your prospect interested?

Well, here are 3 real estate e-mail templates that we’ve created just for you.

Part 1: Making The First Contact

The initial contact with a prospect is the most important step. It’s your chance to make a great impression and let your star (and your property) shine!

But what exactly should I say in the e-mail?


Subject line: Your interest in [Project Name]

Hi Jason, Jasmine from [Agency Name] here.

Thanks again for requesting a Report on Sophia Hills. I thought I would email you about arranging a VIP tour for you and your family as the show flat is opening on [insert date] and I want to make sure I keep a slot for you.

What is the best way to connect with you? Text, email or phone? Don’t worry, I’ll only reach out when I have something helpful to share.

You can reply this email or give me a call at [+65 mobile number]. If you PM back, I can also send you some first-hand info direct from the developer.

Have a great day!
[Your name]
CEA: R******

Note: You could even personalize it further by adding in more information. But be careful not to include too much information so that you don’t overwhelm the client. A shorter email may prompt a client to realize it doesn’t require complex action on their part and they are more likely to act on it.

Part 2: Second Email Contact with Lead  

If your prospect has provided their phone number, then that’s great! Feel free to take the conversation offline. We trust you will know what to do best.

But what if the prospect only wants to correspond through e-mail? What should I say?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Try using this template:


Subject line: Your interest in [Project name]

Hi Jason, Jasmine from [Agency Name] here.

Thanks for expressing your interest in [Project name]. I thought it might be useful for us to meet up. We could grab coffee and have a quick chat to better understand your wants, needs, budget and preferences. When is the best time for you? I will be happy to slot our meeting into my schedule.

Thanks for taking a moment to reply – it will really help me narrow down the right home for you.

Have a great day!
[Your name]
CEA: R******

Note: We cannot begin to emphasise how important it is to follow up after your prospect has replied (Sometimes we just need to give them a little nudge!)

Part 3: Your Lead Isn’t Replying

But what happens when the prospect you’ve e-mailed has failed to reply your initial email?

There are various reasons why this could happen. Maybe the e-mail ended up in the spam/junk folder. Maybe they missed the email. Or maybe, they simply weren’t interested.

We know that much effort is needed to nurture a lead. So, your follow up e-mail should come across as you genuinely wanting to help the prospect find their perfect home.  The last thing you’d want to do is push a prospect away.

Subject line: Your interest in [Project name]

Hi [Prospect name],

Thanks again for expressing your interest about the [Project name]. I thought I’d drop you another message to make sure you received the listing information I sent and could view it. If you did have any problems, I can resend the information.

Or maybe the [Project Name] was not what you were looking for.
I thought you would be interested to know that I also have other listings which you may be interested in.

What is the best way to connect with you? Text, email or phone? Don’t worry, I’ll only reach out when I have something helpful to share.

Thanks & have a great day!
[Your name]
CEA: R******

These templates are meant to be used as a guide and are completely expandable. You can tweak them to your own advantage. Additionally, e-mails are also a great opportunity for you to market your services and acquire recurring clients.

Other Email Don’ts

  • Don’t remind them repeatedly or harass them
  • Don’t pressure your prospect
  • Don’t ignore a buyer’s preferred communication method.
  • Don’t get angry if the prospect doesn’t respond
  • Don’t be impatient for a reply. Sometimes your prospect just needs time to make their decision.
  • Don’t forget that a lead’s e-mail is just as important as their phone number (or sometimes even more).

E-mails are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of communication for many. It’s becoming an important step in lead generation, nurturing and to retain clients. If you’re not used to sending e-mails yet, then maybe it’s about time to start getting used to it. While change can be difficult, ultimately embracing change can help you (and your leads) grow!

The best part? Sending an e-mail will cost you nothing!

So give it a go today, try our ready-made email templates and reply those lead emails with confidence!

Stay tuned for more templates, resources and tips on how to nurture leads on DREALabs!