How it works?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ListGen?

    • ListGen is a tool that connects Agents with Home Owners who are looking to sell or rent their home out
    • You get to choose the projects you want to market your services for and DREA will connect you to those homeowners who are actively looking to sell or rent their home out
  • I want to brand my services with ListGen. How do I go about doing it?

  • How does DREA generate leads for Agents using ListGen?

    • DREA actively builds and markets its homeowner tools, property reports and excel spreadsheets that can help homeowners estimate sale and rental asking prices, yields and capital gains
    • DREA identifies these homeowners and connects them with Agents who have chosen to market their services for that project
  • How will I be notified of leads?

    • You will receive an email notification from DREA together with project specific analytics to help you pitch your services to the Home Owner
    • Start a conversation with the┬áHome Owner and share your experience and how you can help them enhance value
  • How many projects can I choose to market my services for?

    • As a DREA Pro Agent, you can choose up to 10 properties to market your services for
    • As a DREA Premium Agent, you can choose up to 30 properties
    • Find out how you can be a DREA Pro Agent or DREA Premium Agent here
  • Why use ListGen?

    • With ListGen, you no longer need to print flyers and brochures and deliver them to each block – a process that is both expensive and ineffective
    • DREA’s ListGen helps you brand and market your services for up to 30 condos that you want to market
    • Find out how you can gain access to ListGen here