Want to transform your home into a Smart Home but overwhelmed by the sheer number of Smart devices online? This article narrows your searches to 5 key products that truly elevate your daily living, making it easy and hassle-free!

1. Maximise Comfort with Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with Google Assistant built in to aid you with your daily tasks. It is an excellent smart home foundation as it is compatible with many other smart home devices below – so it really is the first step to making your home a Smart Home!

Photo Source: Walmart

By simply asking your Google Home a question, you get updates on the latest news, weather and traffic conditions. And all this from the comfort of your couch! This device is also family-friendly as it supports multiple users and will be able to recognise the individual voice of each family member to give you personalised details on your calendar!

Google Home Mini (available in 3 colours) at $79 available at Challenger, Courts, Google Store and at an exclusive price of $68.80 at Starhub with their HomeHub Plus bundle!

2. Transform Your Family Time with Google Chromecast

Chromecast will change your family movie days forever! Chromecast facilities the instant streaming of your favourite movie from Netflix or Youtube to your big screen HDTV. All you have to do is plug it to the back of your TV and link it up with your Google Home Mini for unlimited viewing.

Photo Source: Argos UK

This device works with laptops, tablets or even phones with little lag. Purchase this device on to make the most of your Netflix subscription and the plethora of shows it has to offer every member of the family.

Google Chromecast: $44.80 on Lazada and $65 on Google Store.

3. Control your home with ease with the Kasa HS200

This app was awarded Amazon’s choice with good reason. With this smart home device, you are able to control your fixtures from anywhere using the Kasa app or using your own voice through Google Assistant. The app allows you to group your fixtures by the individual rooms of your house to control your lights, ceiling fans and other appliances.

Photo Source: TP-Link

It also allows you to either customise your own schedule or simply leave it to adapt to sunrise and sunset settings. This is certainly good news for parents that find themselves facing a hard time waking up their children in the morning!

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch HS200:  At $32.99 on Amazon Prime

4. Keep your cool with Sensibo Sky

Sensibo Sky controls any air conditioning with a remote control – from anywhere. The Sensibo app allows you to customise your own schedules for your air conditioning. It also acts as a remote control for you to adjust the temperature of your house even before you get home. 

Photo Source: Sensibo

If you’re worried about the little quirks of your own air conditioning, its highly responsive customer support can accommodate modifications i.e. unique air conditioning features. This Smart device is just perfect for Singapore as it is climate-reactive, which means that it automatically adjusts to changes in humidity, allowing your home to constantly stay cool.

Sensibo Sky: At $119 on Amazon Prime and at $159.99 on Lazada

5. Security at it’s best with AKASO Smart Lock

Want to make sure that your house is well protected and yet allow your coming and going to be easy and convenient? AKASO Smart Lock allows you to do so with its touchscreen keypad linked to your smartphone. With this smart-home device, you are able to set multiple passcodes for your family or guests. It also has an intrusion alarm when the keypad is being forcibly unlocked!

Photo Source: Amazon

Although it is on the pricer side at $160, families with children are able to benefit from this device as it has real-time monitoring so that parents will be made aware when anyone enters or leave. Furthermore, it makes house gatherings convenient – allow neighbours and friends to enter freely with the pre-given codes. 

AKASO Smart Lock: Expected damage of $159.99 on Amazon Prime
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At DREA, we know many of you would like to use PushAds more creatively and make your ad stand out from your competition.

To help all our marketers market out of the box, DREA has expanded its image library to allow you to tap on hundreds of lifestyle, landmarks and facilities images.

So gone are the worries of boring your audiences with similar-looking property images!

But not too sure how to use them just yet?

Here are some great examples of how you can use lifestyle, landmarks or facilities images to drive effective PushAds that stand out from the rest.


Agent Ad Example 1 – Family Angle 

Agent Ad Example 2 – Couple Angle 

Agent Ad Example 3 – Friends Angle 

Agent Ad Example 4 – Landmark Angle 

Agent Ad Example 5 – Facilities Angle


Another great way to create engaging ads is to feature your previous buyers ‘testimonials.  Example: ‘[Reposted from Jason Tan]’.

What you realize is by including a buyer’s testimonial; it adds a layer of authenticity and relatability!

These examples show how you can use the same images – pair them with buyer testimonials or a combination of angles instead.

Testimonial Ads Examples

  • Family Angle


Get started now!

Hi everyone,

We know that the world of digital marketing is constantly changing. And to get results, you need to invest time and effort in getting the right picture, the right copywriting and even choosing the right target audience.

“I never know if I got the campaign settings right, or if there are other things I should be choosing”

Well, even as marketers, we agree it can be challenging.

So, to help you navigate that, our DREA Marketers have analysed the tens of thousands of marketing campaigns we have run and put together a Super-Simple Guideline to help you design the right campaign for your property.

Anytime you are not sure about your campaign, we hope you will be able to come back to this document for tips, ideas, suggestions:


Reach out to our DREA Marketers at for tips on how to make your ads successful!

As salespeople, we need to not only master the ways around a Sales Agreement or the Property Market, but we need to be expert communicators as well. It takes a lot of work to generate leads and turn them into qualified prospects. It’s harder still to convert them into clients or customers and unfortunately, many of us tend to give up too early in the sales cycle.

Some interesting statistics indicate that ~50% of salespeople tend to give up after one follow up. If you knew you would be able to turn them into qualified leads after 2 – 5 follow ups, would you do it?

The trouble most people face is that they forget the following 5 Sales Communication tips.

Reach out within 12 to 24 hours

People want to get their questions answered and answered fast. Research shows that the sooner you call, the higher your chance is of converting them. Also, remember to schedule a follow-up call. Most people won’t “bite” on the first contact, so gently request for an opportunity to follow up, whether it is for more information or to personally touch base.

Know your Client’s needs

“Cold calling” is already a thing of the past. With numerous ways to access information about a prospective client thanks to Social Networks and Digital Platforms, a Salesperson can tailor their approach to each client. Pay attention to what they are saying, tailor your pitch to them and keep track of what your prospects tell you, in a CRM system or even a spreadsheet.

Qualify your Leads

Prioritize your leads so you don’t waste time on people who may not have the motivation, means and permission to buy. In some cases, a lead may be interested but isn’t ready to move or buy at this time. In that case, put that prospect into your long-term follow up. Touch base with them periodically through combination of email and phone but not so often that it becomes frustrating for them.

Use a Simple CRM System

If you are not already using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, you are missing out on an essential tool that will help make your day easier. CRM systems allow you to record your contact’s information and track results of your conversation with them. Some CRM systems are also powerful enough to help you automate Tip #3 (above) and keep track of it. For salespersons that are always on the move, opt to use a Mobile CRM system instead.


In some cases, your potential clients will not be ready to buy, but might know someone who is. When you have built a good relationship with your potential clients, chances are they will be very happy to pass you some of their contacts and will remember your name when the time comes for them to buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals!

Above all, you will need to take these strategies and make it your own. Find out your angle, story, and strategy and then make it work. More importantly, be yourself.

In Honor of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2018); We want to highlight the stories of three Empowered Female Property Agents who has succeeded in building a highly motivated team of achievers and salespersons against all odds.

We learn from them stories of a mother who juggled career with 3 young kids to helping their first client achieve their dream home to a working mother who grew from a rookie to a Top Achiever all in a short span of 2 years.

I have been in the industry for 28 years. Each day brings about different challenges but are equally memorable. In 2018, I was given the opportunity to co-head landed projects for developers who appoint Knight Frank. In my view, this is both a challenge and a reward and I want to work with my partners to groom an elite squad of sharp and dedicated landed salespersons to spearhead this initiative with us.

Your biggest joy?

I feel most rewarded when I witness my team grow and when they can reach their goals and achieve numerous awards.

Most Challenging Moment?

When I first started out, it was a huge challenge having to juggle 3 young kids and my career. I first chose real estate to have the flexibility of being with them and to earn a decent amount of monies. Today, my 3 kids are all graduates with great jobs in reputable organisations and they are my pride and joy.


I have been in the industry for 5 years, having first switched from a banking role to a sales role.

Most Memorable Moment?

Advising my first client and helping them achieve their dream house by first restructuring their property portfolio. I can still vividly remember that moment.

What will you be doing differently in 2018?

In the present IT age, we need to be more creative in marketing and to tap on different platforms and portals to reach out to more clients. DREA has provided a great innovative platform for Real Estate Salespersons and for me; in particular the PushAd “24 One Residences” has provided me with a number of clients and successful deals



Having joined the real estate industry in 2009, I was awarded Top Rookie in 2010 and subsequently ERA Top No. 2 Achiever in 2012 out of 5000 Agents.

Most Challenging Moment?

It is quite challenging to balance out between family, children and my career. For a working mother to cope with 2 young kids, taking care of their needs and well being, not compromising their achievement versus my personal sales and at the same time building a positive and highly motivated team which also in-build caring and loving culture among the team mates. I am really proud with my team achievement which brought me the title of Top District Division Director in 2017. My 2 children has been doing well and their achievement in school is what I am proud of too!

What will you be doing differently in 2018?

In 2018, my focus is to train more leaders in grooming more achievers. At the same time, I would like to tap on different platform for more effective way of marketing. Drea has been providing different innovative options for real estate agents that I would consider too.




Happy International Women’s Day to all the Amazing Real Estate Agents out there! Rock on!


There are 4 things that affect the performance of your Online Ads – you’ll need a great image, adequate budget to reach consumers, the right targeting options, and most importantly an attractive description for your Ad.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on why Copywriting your Real Estate Ad is extremely important.

We’ll also be sharing some samples and strategies on how to write effective and compelling copies that actually lead to a higher conversion rate!

It’s all in the numbers

Research shows that Agents have a better chance of closing transactions when their Ads have Engaging and Unique Copywriting.

Interestingly, 60% of people avoid doing business with people or companies with bad copywriting or spelling mistakes in Ads.

And did you know, that 80% of people only read the Header of the Ads?

Which is why Copywriting your Ads is crucial in helping your Real Estate Ads stand out online.

An effective ad copy can also influence and persuade your audience to click on your Ad to find out more. Even better when they leave their contact details and become a lead which you can convert!

So what do you need to create an attractive description for your Real Estate Ad?

  1. Your Ad should have a Catchy Headline

    Besides the image, the Headline of your Ad is the first thing a consumer will take notice off.

    Making sure that the headline creates curiosity and excitement is essential in capturing the attention of your audience.The above images highlights just how you can create a compelling headline copies.

  2. Highlight the Selling Points of the Property

    There will always be a primary feature about a property that one can highlight in their Ad copy. If the property you’re marketing is located on a High Floor, you could indicate that there are Unblocked Views. Or maybe it’s a spacious unit, where you could highlight the floor size. Perhaps the property comes with branded finishings?

    Quite like selling the property to your prospect, whenever you’re at a viewing , you may use and incorporate those same descriptions into your Real Estate Ad!

    Here are some sample sentences that you can include into your Ad to highlight the key selling points of your property.

  3. Include a Call-to-Action

    What is a call-to-action?By definition, in marketing, a call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, such as “call now,” “find out more,” or “schedule a viewing today!”

    Including a Call to Action essentially directs consumers to take action, capture the leads information and improve conversion rates.
    Here are the most common calls-to-action that you can use and probably have clicked on yourself!

      • Sign Up Now
      • Download
      • Find Out More
      • Buy Now
      • Register Now
      • Learn More

    Download DREA’s Copywriting Template, specially designed for Real Estate.

As Digital Marketers ourselves, we are proud advocates of the benefits of Digital Marketing.

It’s also no question that Digital Marketing has been able to crack many of the problems that Traditional Advertisements (like flyers, classifieds, portals) has been unable to address (think,  monitoring of results, maximising reach etc.)

However, with great power comes great responsibility and …even sometimes a little disappointment.

And because we want to tell you the truth, we’re here to lay down the Good and the Bad sides of Lead Generation through Digital Marketing

Here’s The Good Part

In our previous article, we talked about how PushAds was designed as an easy-to-use Digital Marketing tool to help property agents not only get online, but ultimately get more leads by having their ads seen everywhere (online).

With Digital Marketing, you’re able to cast your net so much further and wider, reaching tens of thousands of people online. When you combine an attractive listing with Animated Ads, Marketing Hooks and the right targeting options, you’ll have an effective digital marketing campaign teeming with leads – which is exactly why today, PushAds is recognised as an effective tool for Lead Generation.

OrangeTee Agent, Roy Choo had this to say after using PushAds:

We’ve seen Agents reap wonderful results from Digital Marketing. There have been multiple instances where Agents have successfully obtained tens of leads in one campaign, with some converted into a sale.

Well, in general, Real Estate is a numbers game and Digital Marketing is the only way to reach tens of thousands of relevant people in a short period.

We are also proud to say that PushAds has helped Agents generate a total of 780 leads with mobile numbers in the last quarter.

What about The Bad?

By reaching tens of thousands of people, Digital Marketing maximises your exposure and significantly boosts your chance of generating leads online but it is also vulnerable to low quality leads or even worse yet, fake leads.

When 10,000 people sees your Ad, yes, you’re gonna get more leads than traditional marketing can ever reap you, but you may also get some bad leads. That’s the beauty and the trade off of digital marketing,” quips the Digital Marketing Consulting team at DREA

Why are we being so upfront about the limitations of Digital Marketing? Because in order to learn and leverage on digital marketing, we need to be aware of both sides of the story

The question is then, when are you truly better off? Are we better off getting 1 to 2 leads or are we better off as a whole, when we are getting 10 leads of which 5 may be good and 5 may be of low quality, or even worse fake or spam leads.

Here’s a feedback we got from one of our Agents who found his leads to be of lower quality:

In the past 2 + months, we have generated over 750+ phone numbers for our agents. Some leads have been converted into sales (Thanks Andrew and others for sharing with us), some haven’t.

The thing about Digital Marketing is, you’re going to have More Leads, More Verified Leads, and also More bad leads  as a whole.

Now that you’ve heard both sides of the story (from those who converted PushAds leads into sales, to those who haven’t), is digital marketing for you?


If yes, get in touch with our Digital Marketing Consulting Team. We want to hear from you!

Today, DREA’s PushAds system introduces one of the shortest conversion funnel in the market. It is also the easiest tool out there for creating property listing advertisements on Facebook, Instagram,  Google and 200+ websites.

As a tool, it is designed to help property agents get more leads by having your ads seen everywhere (i.e. maximum online exposure) and by having a strong “Call-to-Action”. PushAds therefore leverages heavily on Lead Ads which are designed to help capture leads and their contact details, in just one click.  

When used in combination with the ability to reach tens of thousands of people and Animated Ads (read more here), this can be an effective tool to convert viewers into leads. However, like every other property portal, marketing tool out there or even when property agents were to do their own Lead Generation Ads – there is a risk of others submitting fake or wrong contact details a.k.a. fake leads

Property agents marketing the same property, may accidentally or deliberately click on other agents advertisements. Sometimes, genuine leads may accidentally provide the wrong contact information. Whether it is the the case of “click fraud”, “lead fraud” or just a simple mistake of providing the wrong information, following up and calling a “fake lead” is a waste of time for property agents.

Here’s an example of an actual case we experienced:

We know that fake leads are a real concern. What do we do about it?

More than a  week ago, we built in an enhanced Lead Verification system as part of PushAds to filter out and eradicate “fake leads”. So yes, you’re getting less leads, but also higher quality leads.

How does it work?

#1) First, we automatically ensure your Ads are shown to the most relevant target audience. That means excluding your competitors whenever possible. We do this by using retargeting pixels and custom audience exclusion for ~17,000 known agents. (Though of course some agents will want to show their ads to other agents for co-broking purposes)

Lead Verification

#2) Second, each time someone submits his/her name and mobile number to PushAds, our system automatically does a number of checks:

  • It checks the  phone number provided against a database of Agents phone numbers (~17,000)
  • It checks the country code and structure of the phone number provided
  • It checks the name provided
  • It checks the IP address and a unique device id

Put simply, PushAds does a first level filtering of spam and fake leads.

#3) If the phone number, name, IP address and device id passes the first check, PushAds automatically sends a follow-up SMS to the Lead. This SMS will include information on the Listing and a clickable link for them to either download a Report, a VIP Pass or an Excel Analysis on the project or to verify their phone number. This allows us to verify the phone number and more importantly, help property agents identify the highest quality leads.

So by implementing a 2 phase verification system, we actively weed out suspicious and low quality leads. Yes, this means less leads, but also higher quality and genuine leads.

Here’s the truth. We psychologically filter out Ads on websites these days. We know this because ever since we launched PushAds in November, we have been tracking PushAds’ click-thru-rates (“CTR”) for Ads running on 200+ curated sites via the Google Display Network.

The reason why CTR for Display Ads tend to be low even when listing Ads are beautifully designed, is because (i) most Ads are “flat” and they blend in with page content which is also “flat”. At the same time, (ii) most Ads are static because it takes quite a while (and professional help) to create nice HTML5 animated Ads.

If you are planning to do a Display Advertising campaign via the Google Display Network, here are some tips:

  1. Download Google Web Designer and created animated HTML5 Ads – It takes about 30mins to 1 hour
  2. Include a “3D” element if possible – This will allow your ad to visually break away from site content which are usually rather flat
  3. If possible, use different colour schemes for different placement sites, so that your ads contrast and stand out

We would also like to take the opportunity to announce that as of last week, we have introduced animated HTML5 PushAds. This means that when you push listing ad onto sites such as Straits Times, Channels News Asia and 200+ other curated sites, your Ads will automatically be animated, 3D and include marketing hooks (if you choose to do so).

We have automated the creation of animated HTML5 Ads because it is indeed a time consuming process! Going forward, you no longer have to worry about ineffective display ads or having to spend hours learning how to create animated Ads.

PushAds does it for you!

HTML5 PushAds
PushAds now support HTML5 animated Ads. Infact, the PushAds app creates visually engaging and animated Ads for you in a matter of seconds.