Want to transform your home into a Smart Home but overwhelmed by the sheer number of Smart devices online? This article narrows your searches to 5 key products that truly elevate your daily living, making it easy and hassle-free!

1. Maximise Comfort with Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with Google Assistant built in to aid you with your daily tasks. It is an excellent smart home foundation as it is compatible with many other smart home devices below – so it really is the first step to making your home a Smart Home!

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By simply asking your Google Home a question, you get updates on the latest news, weather and traffic conditions. And all this from the comfort of your couch! This device is also family-friendly as it supports multiple users and will be able to recognise the individual voice of each family member to give you personalised details on your calendar!

Google Home Mini (available in 3 colours) at $79 available at Challenger, Courts, Google Store and at an exclusive price of $68.80 at Starhub with their HomeHub Plus bundle!

2. Transform Your Family Time with Google Chromecast

Chromecast will change your family movie days forever! Chromecast facilities the instant streaming of your favourite movie from Netflix or Youtube to your big screen HDTV. All you have to do is plug it to the back of your TV and link it up with your Google Home Mini for unlimited viewing.

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This device works with laptops, tablets or even phones with little lag. Purchase this device on to make the most of your Netflix subscription and the plethora of shows it has to offer every member of the family.

Google Chromecast: $44.80 on Lazada and $65 on Google Store.

3. Control your home with ease with the Kasa HS200

This app was awarded Amazon’s choice with good reason. With this smart home device, you are able to control your fixtures from anywhere using the Kasa app or using your own voice through Google Assistant. The app allows you to group your fixtures by the individual rooms of your house to control your lights, ceiling fans and other appliances.

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It also allows you to either customise your own schedule or simply leave it to adapt to sunrise and sunset settings. This is certainly good news for parents that find themselves facing a hard time waking up their children in the morning!

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch HS200:  At $32.99 on Amazon Prime

4. Keep your cool with Sensibo Sky

Sensibo Sky controls any air conditioning with a remote control – from anywhere. The Sensibo app allows you to customise your own schedules for your air conditioning. It also acts as a remote control for you to adjust the temperature of your house even before you get home. 

Photo Source: Sensibo

If you’re worried about the little quirks of your own air conditioning, its highly responsive customer support can accommodate modifications i.e. unique air conditioning features. This Smart device is just perfect for Singapore as it is climate-reactive, which means that it automatically adjusts to changes in humidity, allowing your home to constantly stay cool.

Sensibo Sky: At $119 on Amazon Prime and at $159.99 on Lazada

5. Security at it’s best with AKASO Smart Lock

Want to make sure that your house is well protected and yet allow your coming and going to be easy and convenient? AKASO Smart Lock allows you to do so with its touchscreen keypad linked to your smartphone. With this smart-home device, you are able to set multiple passcodes for your family or guests. It also has an intrusion alarm when the keypad is being forcibly unlocked!

Photo Source: Amazon

Although it is on the pricer side at $160, families with children are able to benefit from this device as it has real-time monitoring so that parents will be made aware when anyone enters or leave. Furthermore, it makes house gatherings convenient – allow neighbours and friends to enter freely with the pre-given codes. 

AKASO Smart Lock: Expected damage of $159.99 on Amazon Prime
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