At DREA, we know many of you would like to use PushAds more creatively and make your ad stand out from your competition.

To help all our marketers market out of the box, DREA has expanded its image library to allow you to tap on hundreds of lifestyle, landmarks and facilities images.

So gone are the worries of boring your audiences with similar-looking property images!

But not too sure how to use them just yet?

Here are some great examples of how you can use lifestyle, landmarks or facilities images to drive effective PushAds that stand out from the rest.


Agent Ad Example 1 – Family Angle 

Agent Ad Example 2 – Couple Angle 

Agent Ad Example 3 – Friends Angle 

Agent Ad Example 4 – Landmark Angle 

Agent Ad Example 5 – Facilities Angle


Another great way to create engaging ads is to feature your previous buyers ‘testimonials.  Example: ‘[Reposted from Jason Tan]’.

What you realize is by including a buyer’s testimonial; it adds a layer of authenticity and relatability!

These examples show how you can use the same images – pair them with buyer testimonials or a combination of angles instead.

Testimonial Ads Examples

  • Family Angle


Get started now!

Today, DREA’s PushAds system introduces one of the shortest conversion funnel in the market. It is also the easiest tool out there for creating property listing advertisements on Facebook, Instagram,  Google and 200+ websites.

As a tool, it is designed to help property agents get more leads by having your ads seen everywhere (i.e. maximum online exposure) and by having a strong “Call-to-Action”. PushAds therefore leverages heavily on Lead Ads which are designed to help capture leads and their contact details, in just one click.  

When used in combination with the ability to reach tens of thousands of people and Animated Ads (read more here), this can be an effective tool to convert viewers into leads. However, like every other property portal, marketing tool out there or even when property agents were to do their own Lead Generation Ads – there is a risk of others submitting fake or wrong contact details a.k.a. fake leads

Property agents marketing the same property, may accidentally or deliberately click on other agents advertisements. Sometimes, genuine leads may accidentally provide the wrong contact information. Whether it is the the case of “click fraud”, “lead fraud” or just a simple mistake of providing the wrong information, following up and calling a “fake lead” is a waste of time for property agents.

Here’s an example of an actual case we experienced:

We know that fake leads are a real concern. What do we do about it?

More than a  week ago, we built in an enhanced Lead Verification system as part of PushAds to filter out and eradicate “fake leads”. So yes, you’re getting less leads, but also higher quality leads.

How does it work?

#1) First, we automatically ensure your Ads are shown to the most relevant target audience. That means excluding your competitors whenever possible. We do this by using retargeting pixels and custom audience exclusion for ~17,000 known agents. (Though of course some agents will want to show their ads to other agents for co-broking purposes)

Lead Verification

#2) Second, each time someone submits his/her name and mobile number to PushAds, our system automatically does a number of checks:

  • It checks the  phone number provided against a database of Agents phone numbers (~17,000)
  • It checks the country code and structure of the phone number provided
  • It checks the name provided
  • It checks the IP address and a unique device id

Put simply, PushAds does a first level filtering of spam and fake leads.

#3) If the phone number, name, IP address and device id passes the first check, PushAds automatically sends a follow-up SMS to the Lead. This SMS will include information on the Listing and a clickable link for them to either download a Report, a VIP Pass or an Excel Analysis on the project or to verify their phone number. This allows us to verify the phone number and more importantly, help property agents identify the highest quality leads.

So by implementing a 2 phase verification system, we actively weed out suspicious and low quality leads. Yes, this means less leads, but also higher quality and genuine leads.

FAQ: What are PushAds? How are they different from listings?

Just like any other property portal, when you add a listing on DREA.sg, your listings will appear on DREA’s website.  Users can search for homes on DREA.sg and they will naturally find your listings.

What are PushAds?

PushAds is a tool created by DREA to help Agents, like yourself, do more than just post listings on property portals.

PushAds lets you boost your listings to reach the people you want to target (e.g. all the 2 bedroom buyers in Novena) whenever they are online. They will start seeing your listings when they are on Facebook, Instagram, when they search for similar homes on Google or when they are reading news online or shopping online.

PushAds helps you reach tens of thousands of people online on over 200+ different high quality websites.

When you add a listing, it appears on DREA.sg’s website. When you boost your listing with PushAds, it appears on DREA.sg’s website and it travels everywhere to all the right people online.