A visitor or prospect has finally discovered your listing, either through one of your PushAds online or by stumbling upon it organically.

Either way, the prospect is now on your listing, and is deciding whether or not he / she wants to contact you. This is the pivotal moment where you either capture the visitor as a lead, or not…

Let’s take a look at how you can at that very important moment, capture the visitor and turn him into a Lead. Here are the 6 components you need to have:

#1 Call-to-Action

A call-to-action button is a button, or message that calls for your prospect to take some sort of action. This could be a call button, a SMS button or an email button. They can even be a button leading to a form hosted on your landing page to collect the user’s personal information. Without a CTA button, you’re collecting clicks without any actual contact details to follow up on = bad investment

DREA’s PushAds lets your prospect get in touch with you via call, SMS or email in just ONE click

#2 Hooks

A hook is the content or something of value that’s being offered for free on your landing page. The hook must have enough value to a visitor or prospect to merit them leaving their personal information behind to access it. For example, you could throw in a highly detailed report on the project and the area around it, or an Excel Spreadsheet containing all the raw data for the project… or even a VIP Tour to the Showflat

Here, DREA automatically includes hooks (think reports, Excel Spreadsheets and VIP passes) in your Ad which makes it 9x more effective in converting leads). Drop us an email to receive sample hooks for your Ad

#3 Optimised Landing Page

A landing page is designed for one core purpose – to capture leads. There are several ways of capturing leads including CTA buttons, and hooks. But once a prospect leaves a page, how do you recapture them? For starters, you need to make it extremely simple for a prospect to come back to your listing – that means being able to go back to the listing in no more than 3 steps.

Just the way we said it, your prospect can easily save the listing or send it to himself in just 1 click

#4 Stand out

Again, you need to make the offer on the table stand out. That means making your property listing appear even more attractive than it already is. You need to help your prospect realize why this home is a great deal for him / her.  Explore every selling point the home has and make it prominent.

DREA’s PushAds helps you review your listing and highlight the key selling points of the unit by automatically awarding prominently displayed Badges. These badges are awarded based on the most attractive feature of the home, be it a “Good-Value-for-money” badge, “Rental-Yield” badge , Connectivity or over 10 different badges. Set up a call with DREA at +65 66129178 to find out the selling point for your listing

#5 Every lead is valuable

Capture every visitor you can. And then focus on getting them to share their budget and contact details. That way, you can pre-qualify your leads and recommend the right home for them instantly. Maybe its this listing, maybe its another…

We’ve build in an option for a prospect to name his / her budget and leave their contact details behind in just 1 click. So you’re capturing every visitor that lands on your listing!

#6 Just keep improving

Not getting any leads and not sure what you’re doing right, or wrong. Start by implementing ways to get active feedback from your visitors so you know what you need to improve on to make your listing stand out.

DREA’s PushAds system builds in a feedback system to find out why your prospects are not converting (if this does happen at all..) so you’re not shooting in the dark

Now, put all 6 components together and you just created a highly effective way to start generating leads online and to capture even the most unlikely of leads. If this takes too much time and you have no clue where to start, there are tools out there like DREA’s PushAds system that helps you generate leads online effectively

Get in touch with Gurpreet from DREA Team at drea@drea.com.sg (+65 66129178) and set up a no-strings attached call on how you can start building leads online too



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