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At DREALabs, we want to tell you what works and what doesn’t in real estate digital marketingYuet Whey Siah, Founder & CEO of DREA.sg

What is PushAds?

PushAds, a simple 4-step platform that allows property agents to choose who they want to target and then push their listings to them when they are on Facebook, Google, Instagram or virtually any other site.

With PushAds, DREA has consumerized a programmatic-direct ad buying platform and made it as simple as an instagram post. But behind the simplicity of the user interface, lies a whole range of Ad optimization algorithms, more than 20,000 unique targeting audience sets as well as exclusion lists. This means that every time a property agent runs a PushAd campaign, the ads are optimized for placement, CPC, quality score on Google and more.
Designed and built together with COVIN ventures, PushAds’ goal is to help property agents tap on the potential of multi-channel digital advertising with algorithmic ad optimization that mimics the proficiency of an experienced digital marketer.
Today, property advertising is a $800m market in South East Asia alone. Only ~10% are on digital, and mainly comprises of fees for listings on online portals.

DREA believes that PushAds will be able to accelerate the shift of property advertising spend onto digital by allowing agents, agencies and developers to tap on all digital advertising channels at once, with the sophistication of an experienced digital marketer.