Unveiling of a New Residential Concept in Bangkok: Thai-Japanese Resort Condo

Bangkok could see its first ever dedicated Japanese residential community in 2020 as renowned Thai developer, Sansiri introduces T77 at Sukhumvit Soi 77 that comes with its own international private school (Bangkok Prep School) and a new-concept Community Retail Mall, Habito. As featured in: 7 Reasons We’re Moving to Sukhumvit Soi 77 T77 isn’t just[…]

5 Things to Look Out for When Investing in Properties in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia

When it comes to real estate investment, Malaysia has always been one of the more popular destinations for Singaporean investors due to the geographical proximity and favourable exchange rates. In recent years, Kuala Lumpur has gained popularity among investors due to its established infrastructure and a series of mega development plans to boost the city’s[…]

A Comparative Analysis of 6 New Launches in District 3 – Which Of These New Launches Have Caught Our Eye?

Of late, we have been seeing an increase in housing supply for District 3 (Queenstown, Redhill, Tiong Bahru), primarily as a result of several private condominium launches. In the last 5 years, 6 new condominiums were launched one after another: Alex Residences, Highline Residences, Commonwealth Towers, Principal Garden, Queens Peak, and more recently Artra. The[…]

Insider Review: An “Under the Radar” landmark Development that is leading Foreign Investment into Manchester

Manchester has been quoted as the strongest UK property market outside of London. So what’s making the North-West a key investment hotspot? And which developments exactly? For most international investors, investing in UK has traditionally meant investing in London. But things are now changing. Whilst UK property assets have been appreciating, it is the regional[…]

Insider Review: Under the Radar Asian Investors betting on Ekkamai in Bangkok for Property Capital Gains & Rental Yield

We have seen strong demand from Asian investors for Bangkok property where prices are a fraction of those in Hong Kong but offers an average rental yield of 5.15%. On top of it, only 49% of flats can be sold to foreign buyers, making supply to each market limited Read: Bangkok’s finest properties turn heads[…]

A Review: Why are Property Investors Eyeing Oka Haus?

End March this year, leading Thai developer, Sansiri is bringing to Singapore their landmark HAUS Series Developments. Each of Sansiri’s HAUS Developments is unique in its own way. kawa HAUS being Bangkok’s first ever dedicated Japanese residential community and taka HAUS being a trendy and yet serene residence in Bangkok’s hipster neighborhood, Ekkamai. Featuring oka HAUS oka[…]

Parent-friendly Home Renovation

Making Your Home Elder-Friendly Does Not Require A Total Renovation I was having a chat with my colleague, Joanne, two days ago and she told me she was undertaking some renovation for her new house. Unlike other common renovations where one simply chooses a design according to our likes and dislikes, she had the added[…]