Guidelines for guest contributors

DREA is a digital real estate assistant that focuses on providing readily accessible real estate insights that are relevant to the everyday buyer, seller, tenant and landlord. Our goal is to help users make smarter and more informed decisions. DREA is therefore constantly on the lookout for writers to contribute news, insights, advice and opinions on the real estate market in Singapore today.

If you are keen on contributing your articles to DREA, here’s how you can get started…

Who can contribute?

Anyone with a passion for real estate can be a contributor. Agents, home owners, investors, mortgage professionals, marketers, and fellow Singaporean citizens are all invited and encouraged to contribute.
Why Contribute to DREA?

At DREA, we believe in the sharing of ideas and thoughts, hence we would love for you to contribute what you believe the public should know. Articles from the community, for the community. Feel free to share your own ideas and thoughts on a specific topic that you are passionate about.
How often can I contribute?

There is no limit to how many articles you can contribute. However, DREA reserves the right to decide whether or when each article gets published. If we feel that your articles do not comply with the following guidelines, we will not be able to publish the article.


What should I write about?

  • Articles about Singapore’s residential property sector.
  • Topics that are relevant and specific to you, your clients, colleagues, competitors, vendors, real estate industry leaders and policy-makers.
  • A personal experience that taught you a lesson or two.
  • Lifestyle articles relevant for home owners (e.g. Interior design, home hacks, technology)
  • Valuable property insight that others have yet to offer.
  • Articles about a new policy, practice or technology that is of educational value to the community.


If you have yet to read about it, write about it and share!

Email if you have an article you would like to contribute and we will be able to discuss them together.

Tips for writers

  • Articles should be 500-800 words in length
  • Start with a headline and follow with an outline.
  • Keep your introduction short and sweet
  • Offering advice? Provide 3-5 (but no more than 10) action items or takeaways.
  • Anecdotes, original photographs and graphics will help provide color and make your article one of a kind.
  • Use simple and direct English. Do not overdo on flowery languages as articles are meant to cater to the masses.
  • Do not plagiarise. Please do make sure you cite your sources and give credit where applicable.
  • Self-promotional posts will not be published
  • Do ask a colleague or trusted friend to review your article to make sure the points you make are clear before you submit it. If you are uncertain, do not worry, the DREA team will be vetting your article before publishing it online.


What happens after submitting my article?

The DREA team editors will review the article’s content and determine where it fits within our editorial calendar. Do note that we might ask for additional information or elaboration on aspects that readers may find interesting.

When the article is ready for publication, you’ll be notified. You can then start sharing your byline with your friends, colleagues and clients!

Do you edit my article?

All submissions are reviewed by our editorial team for compliance with Associated Press style guidelines and publishing policies. DREA reserves the right to edit all article headlines and content to ensure that contributed articles are read by as many of our community members as possible.

What about publication rights?

You will be given full credit for the article but submissions are DREA’s property upon publication.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions. Our inboxes are always open to your ideas and thoughts!