Prefab Home – The Home of the Future

What does the future hold in terms of homes? The homes of the future will not only be smarter and more sustainable, they will be faster to build too. Prefabricated homes or “Prefab homes” are paving the way with some homes being put together in a matter of days.

What Are Prefabricated Homes?


In simple terms, prefab homes or simply prefabs, are specialist dwelling types of housing that are constructed in a factory before being shipped to a building site in pieces, where they are then assembled on-site.

The history of prefabs dates all the way back to the 16th Century in India, where the first prefabricated homes were invented by Akbar. However, it was only until the recent years where prefabs were popularized by leveraging on Japan’s advance home building technology.

One of the leading developers of prefab homes is Daiwa House, Japan’s largest home builder, ranked among the Global 500 and Fortune 500. With more than 63 years of experience in the property market, Daiwa House has developed a wide variety of properties from Single-family Homes to condominiums to retail malls and commercial buildings. With a strong track record in building sustainable and affordable prefab homes, Daiwa group is looking to bring this new home building technology outside Japan and into the rest of the world.

The Perks of a Prefab Home

They’re Stronger

The Japanese prefab technology is known for its quality finishing. Due to natural disasters, Japanese design and architecture prioritizes durability and strength. Compared to the typical concrete or brick wall, the walls of a Japanese prefab home are made of steel, making the infrastructure not only resistant to wear and tear but natural disasters too.

They’re Greener

Prefab homes are designed and constructed in factories using precision technology that makes it twice as efficient as onsite building which are constructed using manual labour and typically results in extra materials being used or wasted.

Studies have also shown that construction period for prefab homes are less than half the time needed in conventional methods increasing efficiency and also reducing overall energy consumption and construction cost.

They’re Affordable

Generally speaking, prefab homes are less expensive to build than conventional construction methods. Prefab homes require less labor and time, since parts of the homes are manufactured in factories in bulk and using precision technology. In fact, many believe that mass producing homes enhances quality by ensuring every detail is attended to with factory precision.

They can be just as luxurious

Going prefab doesn’t mean compromising on luxury. In fact, prefab homes are now setting new standards for construction of luxury homes. Over the past decade, we have seen real estate developers catch on to the prefab trend with some building modern luxury and even high-end properties using the same technology. In fact, prefab homes can look cutting edge, employ green building practices and be built using some of the most high-end materials. Some are even designed by household-name architects.

Sakura Residence – Luxurious Landed Property Built with Japan’s leading Prefab Technology


Outside Japan, prefab homes are also gaining popularity. This spurred Japan’s largest Real Estate developer and home builder, Daiwa House Group to bring its leading prefab technology to Malaysia.

Together with the builders of Sunway Iskandar, Japan’s larget home builder, Daiwa House Group introduces Sakura Residence – Malaysia’s first landed luxury prefabricated development. These homes are redefining Prefab homes and are truly indistinguishable from traditional luxury homes. The custom-built homes are meticulously detailed, carefully planned and visually striking.

“Every home is attended to with factory precision…”


Unlike traditional concrete or brick houses, Sakura Residence is built using steel structures that are designed and made with great precision, at the same time ensuring proper heat and sound insulation within each unit. Built with Daiwa’s original external wall system, Sakura Residence is protected from water leakage preventing mold and even degeneration.

Located in the heart of Iskandar, this luxury prefabricated landed development is strategically connected to the major expressways including Coastal Highway and Pasir Gudang Highway.

Located close to Singapore’s Second Link and the upcoming Kuala Lumpur – Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR), Sakura Residence has attracted a large volume of home buyers and investors from both countries.

“They are extremely durable and stable, and the houses look extremely sophisticated”

For those of you who may wish to take a look at this unique development, Daiwa House Group is bringing to Singapore this one-of-a-kind project this April. Register your interest for this exclusive opportunity to view Malaysia’s first ever luxury prefabricated landed development. Or simply click here to visit the project website for more information.

Sakura Residence will be launching in Singapore exclusively on 21 & 22 April 2018. RSVP for your interest now!

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