4 Things to Note When Investing in the Upcoming Cambodia Market

The Cambodian property market is an up and coming player globally with its positive outlook in 2018. But how should you go about investing in this emerging economy? This article will provide you with 5 tips that will leave you confidently investing in Cambodian properties immediately after.

1. Tap Into Their Rapidly Growing Economy

Cambodia has maintained a 7.8% GDP increase since for over 2 decades. It is one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia and is expected to grow even more in the next few years. When property markets in other countries in the region are slowing down, make sure to invest in Cambodia.

2. Look out for Areas with High Influx of Foreign Direct Investment 

The Cambodian stance on foreign investment is one of the most open in developing Asia. Full foreign ownership is allowed for any business in any industry, with foreign businesses receiving the same treatment as their local counterparts.
As such, Cambodia has attracted a huge influx of international trade into the country, especially in its capital, Phnom Penh. With increasing foreign direct investment from countries including China, UK, US and Singapore, property investors are already flocking to Phnom Penh in masses and seizing properties for investment.  

3. Invest In The Right Type of Properties 

Due to the inflow of Foreign Direct Investment, Cambodia is expected to see a significant increase in demand for both residential and commercial properties.
As compare to residential properties, office supply in Cambodia has always been thin even in relatively more developed areas like Phnom Penh. Therefore, demand for commercial rentals is expected to grow more significantly as local and foreign companies start setting up their offices in the country.
Therefore, it is worth considering investing in a commercial property in Cambodia, especially if you are looking for long term investments.

4. Look Out For Assured Rental Yields

Many properties in Cambodia, offer guaranteed rental yields which means that your profits are already assured. One example of such developments would be GIA Tower, a landmark development in Phonm Penh which offers 6% assured annual rental returns for five years.
GIA Tower is a a joint venture between Cambodia’s largest Investment Group, OCIC and Cambodia’s largest bank (Canadia Bank). It is a mix development consisting of 2 residential towers know and Diamond Twin Tower and a Grade A Office Tower, catering to demand for both residential and offices spaces.
Recognizing the demand for Cambodia properties in other parts of South East Asia, the developers has brought this flagship project out of Cambodia. Singapore and Malaysia will be two of the first ASEAN nations to see the launch of this landmark project! 
The will also be daily seminars on the Cambodia Property Market during the GIA Tower Launch event is Singapore and Malaysia. For investors who are looking at investing in Cambodia, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to understand more on the Cambodia Market and also witness the showcase of this groundbreaking development at the same time!
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