DREA simplifies the way Micro SMEs grow their business

Singapore, 14 June 2017 – Imagine being able to tell the world how great your product is. This is exactly what DREA, a Programmatic Ads and Marketing Automation platform has set out to do.

“Today, 20% – 50% of the GDP in Southeast Asia (“SEA”) are contributed by small businesses like mom and pop shops. But when we look at SEA from a Digital lens, many of these small businesses do not exist. They have no website, no social media presence and they do not leverage on Social Media Ads, Display Ads or Search Engine Marketing to grow their brand and business” said Yuet Whey Siah, the Founder of DREA.

Launched in November 2016, this startup now has over 1,800 clients in just 5 months. “Small business owners wear multiple hats and have no time nor resource to invest in building digital presence. They are averse to anything complex and they will not invest time in learning how to customize ad platforms to get results

DREA has found a way to address all of that with its PushAds system. Every small business owner with a smartphone can run effective industry-specific digital campaigns that gives them the results they are looking for in just 4 steps and 60 seconds. “Our clients do not need a website, do not need any coding knowledge or even a large sales team to handle all the leads they will get. The system first drives new leads to you and then uses automation to intuitively follow-up on all the leads for you

This women-run startup has a rule against fancy jargon and makes it a point to simplify the way their clients understand their product. “We use the words they use and analogies they can relate to. In the real estate space, we call results, closings and ROI, commission

To serve small business owners, DREA takes an industry-by-industry approach to growing its business, first starting out in the real estate space. Today, DREA’s PushAds tool is used daily by hundreds of realtors to market their listings on ad platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google and other global news and content sites.

“We are the only Demand Side Platform in the market that has built in industry-specific optimization and targeting sets into a 60 seconds Programmatic Ad platform. Our system is automatically customized to drive the results our clients need, for realtors it would be phone numbers. For restaurants, additional bookings etc

This startup has successfully simplified everything a small business needs. From creation of effective digital marketing campaigns, to filtering out low quality leads, to helping them verify and follow-up with leads – this tool even creates intuitive follow-up messages to improve conversion rates for its client.

For DREA’s clients, it takes no more than 60 seconds to start using PushAds to tell the world about their product. “Our goal is to help every small business owner in Asia grow, even one-man show businesses

DREA’s PushAds can be accessed on their DREA App. The mobile application can be downloaded from both Google Playstore and Apple AppStore.

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