The “Price” you pay to enrol in Top 10 Primary Schools in Singapore

An article featured in Straits Times yesterday found that most of the “better” primary schools in Singapore tend to be located in affluent estates. We agree.


So, for the parents out there looking to enrol their kids in a “brand-name” school, this is essentially the “Price” you would wind up paying for a condo unit near the top schools in Singapore


The team in DREA started out by first identifying the 10 schools that were consistently featured and named as top schools in parenting forums and blogs in Singapore (So don’t take it too personally if your school isn’t featured!).


We then mapped out the prices of homes within a 1km radius from each school before ranking them. (For those of you unaware, those living within a 1km home-school distance would have higher admission priority)


DREA Singapore Property Schools

So, parents – we want to hear from you if this is a “Price” you would be willing to pay in order to improve your child’s eligibility to enrol in a Top 10 Primary School. Or, are you better off signing up to volunteer (for at least 40 hours) in your school of choice?


As some of you may know,  parents may be required to contribute up to 80 hours of voluntary work to be eligible for Nanyang Primary School. These may include acting as traffic wardens, doing canteen duty and more without certainty of admission.


If you are looking to take the “easier” way out, check your home-school distance here at OneMap using the SchoolQuery service or search for homes within 1km from a school on on your desktop or tablet


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