Meet Our Interns |1H2016|

Hi Arabelle, to start off, please tell me more about yourself and your career interests.
I recently graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies. I hold a diploma in Mass Communication. I enjoy working in places where I am able to further develop my skillset and I love being hands-on and very involved in projects that I partake in. I enjoy working in a company that enables me to develop my ideas and take the creative lead on projects.

So was that what made you decide to intern at DREA?
Prior to my application, I did not know what DREA was about and coming from Mass Communication, I was never really interested in the real-estate or tech industry. However, to my surprise, my current skillsets were relevant to DREA with marketing and creative work. DREA provided me the opportunity to take the lead with the creative side that put my skills and knowledge in good use. It also opened the door to the real estate market to me, something that I need to be knowledgeable in as I grow older. I also get to learn from bright and nurturing bosses who are always encouraging and patient.

How was your experience as an intern? Any particular lesson you’d like to share?

My 12 weeks spent at DREA was extremely enriching. With the fast paced and task driven environment that DREA has, everyday proved to be different, challenging and refreshing. Yuet tapped on my various skillsets and gave me various opportunities to explore and learn. I mainly supported them with creative work, article contribution and data management. I was also challenged to think on the spot when we brainstormed ideas as a team. DREA listens and is very open to different opinions.

One important lesson that I learn during my time at DREA is to step out of your comfort zone and go beyond the assigned task. By giving more and pushing yourself further, the results that you achieve will be far greater than what you imagined. When faced with different obstacles, do seek help and learn from them as it helps you better understand not only the company’s goals but also yourself. Do not settle with mediocrity.

You’ve amassed many fond memories. Which is your favourite one?

I have a lot of fond memories at DREA that it’s going to be tough choosing just one favourite memory. I would say that I had the best time planning and executing DREA’s Father’s Day Video that just recently came out. I dabbled in script writing, liaising with our director of photography and making sure the that the crew and cast were well taken care off. It was not only super enjoyable but I was able to bond with my fellow colleagues as we were shooting through the weekend. It was satisfying to witness the end result and know that so many people have responded positively towards the video that we put out.

Our daily lunch breaks or dinners together as a team is also one of my favourite memories.

Looking forward, what are your future prospects and plans?

Interning at DREA has really opened my eyes to the industries that I never thought I would step into. Even though it is not the route that I will be continuing down, Yuet has helped opened doors for me and has always been supportive and encouraging. I intend to pursue a career in Photography in which I will be starting a new job as a photo editor soon after DREA and then attending University in the Fall Semester.


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